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old republic pngEvery company touts great customer service with knowledgeable staff and gizmos that will do everything from logging data to scratching your back.  With Chillertron, they simply just do it.  It works so well that we frankly wouldn’t want to use anything else. The anxiety of going home at night wondering if the chiller or fermenters and brites is working are gone.  Oh, and the great customer service thingy…they have that in spades too.

Jim Harte

Owner, ol' Republic Brewery

Funky buddha brewery FloridaChillertron is a great piece of technology. It has dramatically increased the level of control in our cellar and offers added utility. The data it collects has become essential in quality management and problem solving within the brewery. Pip Gillis, Brewer/QC Lab Tech/Swamp Thing

Pip Gillis

Brewer, Funky Buddha Brewery

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