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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are proportional control valves better than solenoids?
  • PCVs offer greater consistency and control over temperature. They can be controlled from 0-100% open. Solenoids are only on/off
What are the benefits of a PID control loop?
  • Smart PID algorithm keeps fermentation temperature at equilibrium.
I’m expanding, how scalable is Chillerton?
  • Chillertron can be easily expanded in groups of 4 tanks
How do I access Chillertron?
  • Chillertron is accessible through any browser and can be remotely controlled via most smartphones
What alerts can be set up?
  • Alerts can be customized and sent remotely to smartphones or tablets, and include but not limited to: temperature above or below setpoints; setpoint reached/profile achieved; system power fail/back up battery activated; pressure levels
What are the electricity/wiring requirements?
  • Wiring requirements are greatly reduced in larger installations. Only 2 wires are needed to run along the line of tanks thus eliminating large wire bundles.
  • Dynamic Chiller Loading
What size brewery does your equipment work with?
  • Our system is expandable from 4 tanks to more than 64
How can I get brewery specific information/schedule a demo/get a quote?

contact info  – Info@Chillertron.com

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